About Us

Who we are

Freesignage uk is powered by online-sign.com an online resource to produce and print custom mandatory signage. Both online-sign and freesignage uk are part of the Dunhill & McGrouther Group.

The introduction of freesignage is the latest in a series of innovative projects which involve the use of internet based software, developed by the company’s engineers, being made universally available all internet users, bringing professional typography and graphic design to all.

What we do

For 50 years the Dunhill & McGrouther Group has been a leader in the supply of graphic arts equipment and materials in the UK. During this time they have seen the printing and allied industries transformed out of all recognition by advances in computers and digital printing.

Why we did it

Freesignage.co.uk is a quick and simple solution to peoples signage needs, those requiring a more flexible solution to their signage needs should try our free custom sign maker at www.online-sign.com. We developed freesignage uk to be easy to use and navigate and to dispell the myth that signs are expensive and complicated.